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Why do you need a Housecall?

When there’s a need to have your beloved pet cared for by a veterinarian, but you have concerns about bringing your pet to the veterinary clinic:

·       Dragging your pet away from its comfort zone?

·       Hassle of packing everyone, especially a few pets, into a car?

·       Encountering a long wait at the clinic for your turn, especially if it is just for a vaccination?

·       Your already unwell pet experiencing anxiety in a foreign environment?

Who Am I?

Dr Tay Choon Nghee,  PBM

BVMS(Glasgow), MSc(Distinction)(London), FRIPH(UK), MRCVS(UK)


Dr Tay has dreamt of being a veterinarian since young. His love for animals and caring for them led him to become a veterinarian in 1996 from Glasgow University and subsequently a Masters from the Royal Veterinary College, London University. He is also a Fellow and Member of two royal colleges of UK.  He has cared for the health and welfare of animals through his career.  His care for community well-being also led to his conferment of the Public Service Medal (PBM) for his dedication.

He has kept various pets since young but notably furry bunnies which he adores. Some of his bunnies led extremely long lives, living up to more than the ripe old age of 10 years!